The first International Conference «Computing for Physics and Technology (CPT2013)» was held in the city of Larnaca (Cyprus) at the Princess Beach 4-stars Hotel from 12 to 19 May 2013.

The conference was attended by 80 representatives of various universities in Russia and other countries of the world, representatives of government bodies, business, society.

The conference presented reports on information and communication technologies in education, science, economics:

  • Computer science: computer and human, computer science and economics, computer science and art;
  • Virtual environment in science, education, art, business;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Informatics and computer in science, education, society;
  • Interactive systems;
  • Networks and virtual worlds;
  • Cooperative virtual spaces;
  • Modeling shapes in cyberspace;
  • Virtual characters and avatars;
  • Multimodal interaction and rendering;
  • Computer vision in augmented and mixed reality systems;
  • Cognitive informatics;
  • Problems of space perception;
  • Computer support systems for learning in cyberspace;
  • Virtual cultural heritage and virtual museums;
  • Systems for storing, retrieving and processing data;
  • Visual analytics

Key dates

  • Deadline for accepting materials for section reports
    03/15/2014 at 23:59 Moscow time
  • Review materials and notify participants
  • Acceptance of final versions of articles
    until 10.04.2014
  • The final decision of the program committee on the acceptance of articles for participation
  • Publication of the conference program


For organizational matters, you can contact the e-mail::

Conference program

The full program of the event is available here:

Proceedings of the Conference

Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference CPT2013 are available by clicking the button:


Hotel «Princess Beach 4 *» is part of the Louis Hotels chain. In 2008 the hotel was completely renovated. The sandy beach that stretches along the entire tourist area of ​​Larnaca, the width of the beach is about 20 m. Not far from the hotel are Larnaca Castle and Lazaros Church. Also nearby are Finikoudes Beach and Europe Square. The very attentive staff of the entertaining kids club is engaged with the young guests of the complex throughout the day. A varied daytime and evening program for adults and children: Cypriot nights, international shows and much more. Located right on the waterfront in the center of the resort area, close to shops and restaurants, the complex is very suitable for families.

The hotel is located in the tourist area of ​​Larnaca resort on the sandy seaside and provides all the amenities for a good rest away from the bustle of the city. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there are nightclubs, bars, taverns and restaurants. Near the hotel there are a lot of restaurants, bars, shops, along the sea promenade stretches.

Номера отеля Princess Beach: Главное здание, стоящее вдоль моря, 5-ти этажное: 3 жилых и 2 цокольных этажа, 2 боковых крыла с номерами-бунгало — 2 этажные. Есть отдельно стоящие Bungalow — 1-комнатные номера увеличенной площади (бунгало на первом этаже не имеют балкона, только террасу). Номерной фонд представлен 138 номерами, из которых: 24 стандартных комнаты (22 м2) с видом на горы; 48 стандартных комнат (22 м2) с прямым видом на море, которые расположены в основном здании (максимальное размещение 2+1), 66 Garden rooms (26 м2), расположенных возле бассейна, с боковым видом на море (максимальное размещение 2+2). Номера были полностью обновлены в 2003 году.

Rooms at Princess Beach Hotel: Main building, facing the sea, 5-storey: 3 residential and 2 basement floors, 2 side wings with bungalow rooms — 2 storeys. There are separate Bungalows — 1-room rooms of an increased area (bungalows on the ground floor do not have a balcony, only a terrace). The number of rooms is represented by 138 rooms, of which: 24 standard rooms (22 m2) with mountain views; 48 standard rooms (22 m2) with direct sea views, which are located in the main building (maximum occupancy 2 + 1), 66 Garden rooms (26 m2), located by the pool, with side sea views (maximum occupancy 2 + 2) … The rooms were completely renovated in 2003.

A direct dial telephone is provided for in-room work. Room service from 7:00 to 23:00. Extra towels and bedding, wake-up calls and ironing boards (upon request) are provided. Non-smoking rooms.

Organizing committee

Alexander Bugaev, IRE RAS — Honorary Chairman

Georgy Gens, LANIT — General sponsor

Nadezhda Shalashilina, LANIT — Honorary Secretary

Maria Berberova, ICSC — Executive Secretary

Elena Glukhova, MIPT — Chairman of the jury of the student work competition

Andrey Klimenko, IPTI — Technical Director

Larisa Yablokova, RDTeH — Honorary Secretary

Program committee

Co-chairs: Rustam Islamov and Stanislav Klimenko

Members of the Program Committee:

Vladimir Aleshin,

Valery Afanasyev,

Alexander Afanasiev,

Tengiz Borisov,

Alexander Bronetsky,

Alexander Bugaev,

Igor Velbitsky,

Valery Vengrinovich,

Alexander Volodchenko,

Vyacheslav Wolfenhagen,

Elena Glukhova,

Vitaly Gubarev,

Mikhail Gurevich,

Evgeny Eremchenko,

Alexander Zhdanov,

Vladimir Zakharushkin,

Igor Kirillov,

Kirill Krymsky,

Nikita Kuhlman,

Lyudmila Massel,

Igor Nikitin,

Lyalya Nikitina,

Alexander Nychkin,

Vladimir Pavlov,

Yuri Pirogov,

Evgeny Popov,

Alexander Raikov,

Alexey Romanov,

Sergey Rotkov,

Konstantin Ruda¬kov,

Vladimir Rykov,

Sergey Rykovanov,

Alexander Serebrov,

Evgeny Slobodyuk,

Yuri Smetanin,

Mikhail Sudeikin,

Alexey Surin,

Olga Surina,

Alexey Tolok,

Mikhail Khvostantsev,

Alexander Holevo,

Vladimir Yurovitsky


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