The Seventh International Conference «Computing for Physics and Technology (CPT2019)» was held in one of the most picturesque places in the Moscow region — the TsarGrad Hotel, Pushchino (Spas-Teshilovo). The dates of the conference are May 13-17, 2019.

Today, in the era of virtual communication and advanced means of communication, many say that the role of face-to-face conferences in science is decreasing. Our conference refutes this thesis. It is the personal communication of scientists, especially young participants, both with each other and with already venerable colleagues, that forms the scientific community of today and the scientific community of tomorrow. Only in personal discussion, sometimes even emotional, can mutual understanding be achieved. Only in personal communication is scientific ethics and culture transmitted from the older generation of scientists to the younger ones. This is how «scientific stars» are lit. Only shoulder to shoulder can you create something new and creatinlich ‘! A conference is a platform where you can always learn something. Someone can get the skill of presenting their own results and the skill of scientific discussion, someone can find like-minded people and rally a new scientific team, and someone can look at their results in a completely different light.

I would like to note that every year the conference acquires an increasingly pronounced character of interdisciplinarity. And this should be attributed to the positive aspects. In the modern world, breakthrough ideas are possible only at the junction of sciences, and physical and technical informatics is becoming a means of solving a wide range of applied problems. This does not diminish the scientific value of the works that are presented. Moreover, research directions are emerging that are strategic and important for the Russian economy and no less important for solving global world problems.

What could be more important than safety? Life safety, man-made impact or environmental safety? In the context of global digitalization, the world is overwhelmed by streams of information that needs storage, intelligent processing in order to make decisions.

Any complex technical system needs reliable and efficient technological, mathematical and software support. Today, all spheres of life should be considered comprehensively. For example, it is no longer possible to assess the issues of human life and health only on the basis of medical indicators; it is important to assess environmental, psychological, geopolitical and other indicators of vital activity from an individual to the population as a whole. And then the question arises of creating new approaches to solving such problems. And this is no longer just a practically important task, but a complex and urgent scientific problem.

Key dates

  • Deadline for accepting materials for section reports
    03/15/2019 at 23:59 Moscow time
  • Review materials and notify participants
  • Acceptance of final versions of articles
    until 04.10.2019
  • The final decision of the program committee on the acceptance of articles for participation
  • Publication of the conference program


For organizational matters, you can contact the Executive Secretary of the Conference, Maria Berberova:
tel.:  +7 (916) 507-57-99

Conference program

The full program of the event is available here: 

Proceedings of the Conference

Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference CPT2019 are available by clicking the button:


Hotel Tsargrad (Moscow region, Serpukhov district, village Spas-Teshilovo, 3):

The country hotel «Tsargrad» is located on the banks of the Oka River in close proximity to the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, an hour’s comfortable drive from Moscow along the highway (Simferopol highway). A distinctive feature of the hotel is the luxurious “a la rus” stylization in architecture and interiors. All furniture and decorative elements of the hotel’s decoration are the result of handmade, custom-made. The hotel meets all the requirements of a modern guest — comfort, hospitality, service — everything, as in the best world resorts.

The remoteness from the capital and the proximity of the forest of the nature reserve provide a special ecological uniqueness of the area where the hotel is located. The Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve with picturesque landscapes is the only reserve in the Moscow region.

The hotel has all the conditions for conferences and seminars, teambuilding programs, family vacations and recreation with children, and celebrations.

Organizing committee

Rotkov Sergey I. — Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of NNSAGU, Director of ANO «SRCIPT»,

Berberova Maria A. — Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of ANO HE «Russian New University», Researcher of ANO ICNL, Deputy Director of ANO «INSC»,

Organizing committee constitution:

Bugaev Alexander S. — Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Department of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University) — Honorary Chairman of the Conference,

Butko Andrey B. — JSC «Rusatom ASU» — Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Babanov Nikolai Yu. — Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector of the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University. R.E. Alekseeva,

Gabur Sergey P. — Corresponding Member of the Academy of Quality Problems and the Russian Engineering Academy, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Ph.D., Deputy Chairman of the MCCI Committee for Integrated Security,

Galaktionov Vladimir A. — Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Chief Researcher of the «Federal Research Center, Institute of Applied Mathematics. M.V. Keldysh RAS»,

Zalyalov Rashid Z. — Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Assistant to the Director of ANO «SRCIPT»,

Zakharova Alena A. — Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Deputy of the First Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the Bryansk State Technical University,

Panchuk Konstantin L. — Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Omsk State Technical University,

Pestrikov Vladimir, MIPT — Head of Volunteers,

Raikov Alexander N. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Leading Researcher at the Institute of Management Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Department of the Russian Technological University MIREA,Sobol Ilya S. — Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector for Research, Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering,

Program committee

Program committee
Orlov Yuri N. — Chairman of the Program Committee, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (NRU), Head of the Department of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Chief Researcher of the M.V. Keldysh Federal Research Center, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Institute of RAS «, candidate for corresponding member of RAS,
Islamov Rustam T. — Deputy Chairman of the Program Committee, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the ANO INSC.  
Program committee constitution:
Aleshin V.P., Andreev V.V., Afanasiev V.O., Vasin D.Yu., Vengrinovich V.L., Galaktionov V.A., Govorunov I.G., Golubchikov Yu.N., Gurevich M.I., Debelov V.A., Zhdanov A.A., Zolotarev O.V., Kirillov I.A., Kiselev V.A., Kopaygorodsky A.N., Lavrentiev M.M., Malofeev V.M., Massel L.V., Mestetsky L.M., Nechepurenko Yu.M., Novochadov V.V., Paltashev T.T., Podvesovsky A.G., Raykov A.N., Rykov V.V., Reingold L.A., Sigov A.S., Slobodyuk E.A., Smetanin Yu.G., Sudeykin M.I., Tiras Kh.P., Tolok A.V., Charnine M.M.  
IPC Members:
Beckhaus Steffi (Germany), Sabine Coquillart (INRIA, France), Gavrilova Marina (University of Calgary, Canada), Wolfgang Heiden (BRS, Germany), Hagen Hans (Germany), Andre Hinkenjann (IVC BRS, Gemany), Hui-Huang Hsu (Taipei), Lian Li (HeFei University of Technology, China), Iglesias Andres (University of Cantabria, Spain), Michalcak Georg (Switzerland), Magnenat-Thalmann Nadia (Switzerland), Mura Gianluca (Politecnico Di Milano, Italy), Nam Ling (Santa Clara University, USA), Nielson Gregory (USA), Dimitri Plemenos (France), Paltashev Timour (USA), Prasolova-Forland Ekaterina (NTNU, Norway), Qing Li (City University of Hone Kong), Samet Refik (Ankara Uni, Turkey), Savchenko Vladimir (Hosei University, Japan), Seaman Bill (Duke Uni, USA), Sourin Alexei (NTU, Singapore), Sourina Olga (FhG IGD, Germany), Jiao Ying Shi (P.R.China), Shih Timothy K. (Taipei), Skala Vaclav (Czech Republic), Solomonick Abraham (Israel), Thalmann Daniel (Switzerland), Wetzel Iryna (Intergraph, Switzerland), Wolodchenko Alexander (Germany), Yunjun Gao (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, P.R.China), Yanchun Zhang (Victoria University, Australia; Fudan University, Shanghai, P.R.China).

General sponsors:

Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Organizers and sponsors:

ANO «Scientific and Research Center for Information in Physics and Technique»,
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,
International Nuclear Safety Center,
JSC «Rusatom ASU»
Pushchino State Institute of Natural Science
RTSoft CJSC (automation means and systems),
Printing Association «PRINT-Atelier»,
Institute of Applied Mathematics named after MV Keldysh RAS,
Research Institute of High-Tech Computer Technologies, ITMO University


Organizing committee address:
Nizhny Novgorod.
СРТ2019 Secretariat:
Tel: +7-916-5075799;