Hotel Tsargrad

Moscow region, Serpukhov district, village Spas-Teshilovo, 3

The country hotel «Tsargrad» is located on the banks of the Oka River near the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, an hour’s comfortable drive from Moscow along the highway (Simferopol highway). A distinctive feature of the hotel is the luxurious “a la rus” stylization in architecture and interiors. All furniture and decorative elements of the hotel’s decoration are the result of hand-made, custom-made products. The hotel meets all the requirements of a modern guest — comfort, hospitality, service — everything, as in the best world resorts.

The remoteness from the capital and the proximity of the forest area of ​​the natural reserve provide a special ecological uniqueness of the area where the hotel is located. The Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve with picturesque landscapes is the only reserve in the Moscow region.

The hotel has all the conditions for conferences and seminars, teambuilding programs, family recreation and recreation with children, and celebrations.

How to get

Traveling by public transport:

By bus: from the Lesoparkovaya metro station (first carriage).

Bus number 359 «Moscow — Pushchino» follows to the final stop of the city of Pushchino — «Vokzal», then you can get by taxi or by bus number 33 to the stop «Tsargrad». Travel time: from Moscow along Pushchino — 1.5 hours, from Pushchino to the stop «Tsargrad» — 5 minutes. Bus number 458 «Moscow — Serpukhov» follows to the final stop of the city of Serpukhov — «Vokzal», then you can get by taxi or by bus number 33 to the stop «Tsargrad». Travel time: from Moscow to Serpukhov — 1.5-2 hours, from Serpukhov to the stop «Tsargrad» — 30 minutes.

Travelling by car:

Directions on the hotel page:

95 km from MKAD along Simferopol highway (M2) — high-speed highway.

• Drive about 80 km to the bridge over the river Oka

• Further about 2 km before turning right to the junction (direction indicator to «Pushchino» and «Tsargrad Spas-Teshilovo»)

• Going up the junction, without crossing the bridge, turn left at the sign «Tsargrad Spas-Teshilovo», after descending from a small hill, turn right (signpost «Tsargrad Spas-Teshilovo»)

• Then continue straight, passing through the villages of Vecheri, Selino, Meshcherinovo — about 8 km before turning right to the country hotel «Tsargrad».

GPS coordinates of the hotel:

Latitude: 54.838108