Based on the results of the peer review, two volumes of Conference Proceedings will be formed and indexed in the SCOPUS and RSCI databases.

Conference Program Committee defines decisions to publish an article in a particular volumes.

A unique DOI will be assigned to each publication.

The articles recommended by the Program Committee and translated into English will be published in the volume indexed in Scopus.

General information

  1. The volume intended for SCOPUS is indexed through the CEUR database.
  2. The main topic of CEUR is «Computer science and information systems» and now they are following this strictly.
  3. To increase the probability of getting into SCOPUS, the following CEUR requirements must be met:
    • in the titles, abstracts and keywords of articles there should be phrases as “Computer science”, “Information systems”, “Computer science and information systems (and everything related to them);
    • the phrases “Computer science”, “Information systems”, “Computer science and information systems” are best placed at the very beginning of the title of the article, abstract and keywords (so that they immediately catch the eye);
    • articles should contain figures (graphs, diagrams), formulas and tables. If formulas are not needed on the topic, then there should be at least figures and tables;
    • drawings (graphs, diagrams) must be made IN HIGH RESOLUTION!!! If there are any inscriptions in the body of the drawing (graphics, diagrams), then they MUST (!!!) be translated into English!!!

Preparing rules and formatting an article:

  1. An article planned by the authors for SCOPUS must be submitted for review in English!
  2. All (!!!) authors must indicate their ORCID code in articles planned for SCOPUS. The ORCID code is indicated in a footnote on the 1st page. Instructions for obtaining an ORCID code can be found here.
  3. The article must be submitted through the EasyChair. Instructions for uploading materials to the system: Instruction.
  4. The article should not exceed 12 pages
  5. The presentation format is PDF.
  6. Use the SCOPUS template to prepare an article for publication in the volume  indexed in the SCOPUS database (an example article can be found here). Use the RSCI template to prepare an article for publication in the volume indexed in the RSCI database (an example article can be found here).
  7. The article should contain a short abstract (150-250 words). The abstract is written as a separate section at the beginning of the article. Keywords are placed after the abstract.

The Deadline for submission of materials for section reports:

— until March 16, 2022

Reviewing materials and notifying participants:

— until March 31, 2022

Refinement of comments and acceptance of final versions of articles

— until April 10, 2022

The final decision of the Program Committee on the acceptance of articles for participation

— until April 25, 2022